Thursday, December 1, 2011


I have been a slut about posting. I have taken on a new position at work so it has been my personal life basically does not happen.

Back on topic. This guy Mike Burns is probably my favorite pro am driver in the U.S. his style of driving is aggressive and not in the way every one says, he actually drives hard like Forest Wang and such. His cars style screams Japan and I am a big fat Japan teamburst fan boy so I love it.

I was at the street spot in AZ when he bought this pinkish car, he picked it up off the guy with quite a few goodies on it already so he had a head start on the next seasons build I believe is what I heard. But the first turn he broke the drive train. I guess the guy he bought it from built it with nice stuff but never drove it hard, it was mainly a "Show" car. Anyways, cops came and it was funny in a sick way cause the cops didnt arrest anyone but they made him push his car off the warehouse property while driving slowly behind him while he pushed. Nice guys.

This is a video about his last season, which I think he won his pro license, if so I predict he blows up the scene like Walker did. If he can make it to all the events.

Mike Burns / Season Recap from Dax Rodriguez on Vimeo.

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  1. wow, Great video, Mr. Mike Burns look so handsome and he's a good racer too :D

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