Sunday, April 24, 2011

I got ride of those pesky bump stops. Pretty disappointed in the rear height. This is with the coils in the rear all the way down. The dragster stance kiiiilllls me. Maybe it is just the rear tire size that is doing it...


Any suggestions will be loved. Shorter springs my only chance?

I would like to be as low as that grey coupe I posted but this would suffice.

In other news one of my Backup cressidas developed a clunking noise in the rear. I jacked it up changed the shock thinking it was just blown. But after realizing the one I took out had nothing wrong I checked around more...

Found this little gem just sitting on the perch.

The other ssr's are bald so I can't use them till I get new rubber. And that muffler goes bye-bye this week.

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